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Is SP or BJP the target of BSP? Who benefits from cancellation of Dhananjay Singh’s wife’s ticket? – Who benefits from cancellation of BSP ticket from Jaunpur to Shrikala, wife of Dhananjay Singh opns2?

Is SP or BJP the target of BSP? Who benefits from cancellation of Dhananjay Singh’s wife’s ticket? – Who benefits from cancellation of BSP ticket from Jaunpur to Shrikala, wife of Dhananjay Singh opns2?


It is becoming not only difficult but impossible to understand the strategy of the Bahujan Samaj Party. Until the first phase of voting, BSP supremacy Mayawati created such a stir that people were forced to say that she had devised a strategy to defeat the BJP candidates. But as the third phase approaches, the picture that is emerging seems that they have made all preparations to unearth the roots of the Samajwadi Party candidates as well. On Monday came the news that the BSP had withdrawn its candidate Srikala Reddy from Jaunpur. Instead of Srikala Reddy, the BSP ticket has once again been given to outgoing MP Shyam Singh Yadav. Srikala Reddy is the wife of Baahubali leader Dhananjay Singh. However, Dhananjay Singh himself is also said to have withdrawn from contesting the elections. Maybe this is true. But as the BSP has changed its candidates from many other places, questions about the BSP are bound to arise. Not only the BJP but also the Samajwadi Party can benefit from the cancellation of Dhananjay Singh’s wife’s ticket. Therefore, it is very difficult to say who BSP supremo Mayawati is targeting and who she wants to play a friendly match with.

1- First BJP in trouble

Until a few months ago, BSP was being attacked by calling it BJP’s B team. But this time the BSP played such a game in the Lok Sabha elections that the BJP remembered Chhathi’s milk. The BSP has fielded such candidates that it has become difficult for the BJP candidates. BSP candidates in at least a dozen seats in West UP are core BJP voters. In West UP, except Saharanpur, Amroha and Kannauj, the BSP has not fielded candidates from anywhere who can benefit the BJP. In Meerut, Bijnor, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Ghaziabad, Kairana, Muzaffarnagar, Baghpat, etc., the BSP has decided candidates who only caused losses to the BJP. Similarly, in Eastern UP such candidates were also fielded in Ghosi, Chandauli, Basti and Azamgarh, making the BJP sweat. However, later the candidate from Azamgarh was changed. So it became natural to doubt the BSP.

Indian alliance in trouble by giving away 20 tickets to Muslim community

At a time when the Samajwadi Party has distanced itself from Muslim candidates, the BSP has defeated Muslim candidates in the second phase. Of the 72 candidates declared so far, the BSP has given tickets to 20 candidates from the Muslim community, including women candidates. This is the largest number of Muslim candidates fielded by any major UP contender in this election so far.

Apart from Akhilesh Yadav’s Kannauj constituency, the Bahujan Samaj Party has fielded Muslim candidates from Badaun, Azamgarh and Firozabad. Obviously, these four seats are special seats of Mulayam Singh Yadav’s family. From where Akhilesh Yadav has been winning. On the contrary, Muslim candidates have also contested against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. Obviously these people will be helped by this BSP decision, even if only partially. In Badaun, where Aditya Yadav, Akhilesh’s cousin and Shivpal Singh Yadav’s son, is in the fray, the BSP has fielded Muslim Khan. In Firozabad, the BSP has fielded Chaudhary Bashir instead of its previous candidate Satyendra Jain. Akshay, son of SP leader and Akhilesh’s uncle Ramgopal Yadav, is the party’s candidate for this seat. The BSP has named Imran Bin Zafar its candidate from Kannauj. In the Muslim-dominated Azamgarh constituency, the BSP recently fielded Sabiha Ansari, a backward Muslim woman, to replace its candidate Bhim Rajbhar, former president of the state Samajwadi Party (SP), currently held by the BJP. bastion, the SP has fielded Dharmendra Yadav, cousin of party chief Akhilesh Yadav.

Contesting the elections as part of the Bharat alliance, the SP and the Congress are contesting 62 seats and 17 seats respectively in UP. So far, the SP has fielded only four Muslim candidates out of its 60 candidates – in Rampur, Sambhal, Kairana and Ghazipur.
Similarly, of the 17 candidates the Congress has announced so far, only two are Muslim candidates: former BSP MP Dane Ali from his Amroha seat and Imran Masood from Saharanpur.

Who benefits from the cancellation of Dhananjay Singh’s ticket in Jaunpur?

On Monday morning comes news that BSP canceled the candidature of Shrikala Singh, wife of former MP Dhananjay Singh, at the last minute. Now outgoing BSP MP Shyam Singh Yadav will be the party’s candidate in his place. He will file his nomination on Tuesday, i.e. the last day of nomination. Babu Singh Kushwaha is the candidate of the Samajwadi Party in Jaunpur, which was once very powerful in the BSP. They have good penetration among the most backward castes. On the other hand, Kripashankar Singh is in the BJP election fray. Kripashankar Singh started from scratch in Mumbai and became the village leader of Purvanchal. He remained in Congress for a long time. He joined BJP in 2021. Since he was a Thakur of his caste, he would get a lot of benefits from the Jaunpur seat, which is dominated by Thakurs. But the BJP was facing huge losses as Dhananjay Singh nominated his wife as its candidate.

For the last two decades, Jaunpur politics has revolved around Dhananjay Singh. It was a very normal thing for Dhananjay Singh to become a BSP MP, from LJP to JDU and then make his father an MLA when he was still an MP. Dhananjay Singh entered politics from Jaunpur in 2002 and till date his pride remains intact in the district but he loses elections continuously. This means that in today’s politics he is no longer as effective as before. He is now also convicted in the kidnapping and extortion case. But even today he receives a large number of votes because of his personal relationships. Mohanlal Prajapati, who lives in Wajidpur Tiraha in Jaunpur city, says his vote will go only to Dhananjay Singh’s wife. If his wife does not participate in the election after the ballot has been allocated, then the question of who to vote for will arise. The family says Dhananjay Singh has never turned anything down to anyone. It doesn’t matter what community he belongs to. He never discriminated on the basis of community while he helped.

But it may be a big relief for Kripashankar Singh. Because after the BSP candidature was cancelled, the chances of Kripashankar getting votes from his caste have increased. After Dhananjay’s wife entered the electoral fray, Thakurs’ votes were divided on a large scale. However, Dhananjay Singh still has 60-70 thousand votes of his own which he will definitely get. Obviously all those votes will go only to the BJP.

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