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Sanjay Kapoor on his sense of competition with his brother, Anil Kapoor, ‘I’m happier than him’

Sanjay Kapoor on his sense of competition with his brother, Anil Kapoor, ‘I’m happier than him’


Brothers Sanjay Kapoor and Anil Kapoor made their debut pretty much in the 90s themselves, but they have charted surprisingly difficult career paths in the future. The duo, who have strikingly similar facial features, belong to an illustrious film family, headed by father and eminent filmmaker of yesteryears, Surinder Kapoor. However, while Anil moved on and achieved great professional success, Sanjay could not reach the same level and in the mid-2000s, his career tanked significantly. However, Sanjay never lost hope and in the following years he was a part of quite a few successful films.

Sanjay Kapoor reveals if the inevitable comparisons with Anil Kapoor hinder his equation

In an interaction with Shivani Pau, Sanjay Kapoor discussed whether the inevitable professional comparisons with his brother, Anil Kapoor, have ever impacted his interpersonal equations at home. He commented that, as a family, the Kapoors are very close, adding that he and his two brothers, Anil and Boney, lived under the same roof while growing up. Sanjay further revealed that he and his two brothers continue to love and respect each other, although sometimes they don’t see each other for months. In his words:

“We lived together and lived in a two-bedroom when we started. We are a united family. Obviously, then you have your own children, everything. There are times when I don’t see Anil or Boney for maybe a month or a month and a half too. But we respect each other, we love each other and we are smart enough to know that this is part of making movies.”

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Sanjay comments on whether his equation with his two brothers has changed with the successes and failures of his children.

Well, continuing the tradition of their parents and uncles, the next generation of Kapoor cousins ​​also entered the film industry. After Boney Kapoor, Anil Kapoor and Sanjay Kapoor, it is their children, Arjun, Sonam, Khushi, Janhvi and Shanaya who have ventured into showbiz and created their own spaces. Talking about them, Sanjay revealed whether he and his siblings have altered their equations when it comes to the successes and failures of their respective children. He explained:

“Today I have nieces and nephews, who are going through their ups and downs, but our relationship doesn’t change depending on the Friday release of Arjun’s, Sonam’s, Janhvi’s or whoever’s films.”

Sanjay Kapoor admits that he is happier and more content than his brother, Anil Kapoor

In the final segment of the interview, Sanjay Kapoor mentioned that despite being brothers, it wouldn’t exactly be true to say that there is no competition between him and Anil Kapoor. However, while he admitted that the latter was more successful than him, Sanjay claimed that he was happier and more content than Anil. He added:

“I’m not saying there isn’t competition. I think it’s a person to person thing. I think that even though Anil is more successful than me, I always feel that I am happier and more content than him, for whatever reason. I always say that God is kind. Even if I have achieved less than him, I feel that I am much happier. I’m always in a better mood. I’m not saying I’m sad or anything, but I don’t know how to say it. But I feel like I’m happier than him.”

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Sanjay Kapoor commented on how his elder brother Boney Kapoor offered no help to save his career.

In another segment of the same interaction, Sanjay Kapoor highlighted how his elder brother and filmmaker Boney Kapoor never tried to save the former’s moribund career by offering him projects. Sanjay took the example of Boney’s movie, No entryin which he chose Fardeen Khan over him, while his other brother Anil Kapoor was already a part of it.

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