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Prabhas cheated the director of this 100 crore film in the matter of ‘Salaar 2’! , Prabhas chooses Salaar 2 over Raja Saab and puts Maruthi on standby.

Prabhas cheated the director of this 100 crore film in the matter of ‘Salaar 2’! , Prabhas chooses Salaar 2 over Raja Saab and puts Maruthi on standby.


The filming of this film stalled again because of ‘Salar 2’Image Credit Source: Social Media

Prabhas is making a lot of headlines for his upcoming films. He has not one, not two, but six major films under his belt. He will have a guest appearance in two of these films. His first film to be released this year is ‘Kalki 2898 AD’. Recently, the new release date of the film was revealed – June 27, 2024. Recently there were reports that currently she is busy filming ‘The Raja Saab’. Recently a photo of her from the sets was also leaked, in the video she is seen with director Maruti. But now big updates about ‘Salar 2’ have started coming out.

Prabhas’ romantic horror film ‘The Raja Saab’ was announced on January 15. Maruti is making this pan-India film. Some time before the film, Prabhas’ first look was also revealed, in which he is seen wearing Lungi. The film will be released in Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. This is one of Maruti’s dream projects. But because of ‘Salar 2’, the shooting of the film has once again stalled and this time the director’s tension has also increased.

Prabhas’ ‘Salar 2’ increased the tension for this director!

This year Prabhas’ Pan India ‘The Raja Saab’ has been announced. But Prabhas signed the film a long time ago. According to Telugu360.com report, this film has been in the works for over a year but very little of the filming has been completed so far. The reason for this is Prabhas’ great lineup. It is said that Prabhas had promised dates after returning from a vacation in Europe. He had also informed the director of the filming dates for the months of April and May. But Prabhas worked for ‘Raja Saab’ for less than a week in April. During that time her photo from the set was also leaked. Prabhas has extended the schedule till May. Prabhas wanted to complete the shoot of ‘Raja Saab’ as soon as possible. In fact, Maruti has been waiting for this film for a long time.

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Meanwhile, it is learned that Prashant Neel is fully ready with the script and shooting schedule of ‘Salar 2’. In such a situation, Prabhas has chosen ‘Saalar 2’ instead of ‘Raja Saab’. Actually, Prabhas will have to give massive dates for ‘Salar 2’ because a lot of action episodes will be shot in it. In such a situation, it is clear that Maruti will have to wait for a long time to complete the shooting of ‘Raja Saab’. Prabhas has kept it waiting for over a year and a half. The film will release next year on Sankranti 2025. While ‘Salar 2’ will release on Christmas this year. However, to bring the film on time, he will have to complete the shooting of ‘Raja Saab’ as soon as possible.

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