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Mother used to make parathas and Varun used to sell them. Mother used to make parathas and give them, Varun used to sell them: with that money he used to eat chole-bhature; He wanted me to become an actor after watching Shahrukh’s film Baazigar.

Mother used to make parathas and Varun used to sell them. Mother used to make parathas and give them, Varun used to sell them: with that money he used to eat chole-bhature; He wanted me to become an actor after watching Shahrukh’s film Baazigar.


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Actor Varun Sharma has worked in many Bollywood films. These days he is in the news for the movie ‘The Garfield’. The actor has provided his voice in the Hindi version of the film. This film will be released in theaters on May 17. Varun is very excited about this film. During a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Varun Sharma apart from ‘The Garfield’ also talked about his upcoming films and his struggling days.

What was your first reaction when you were asked to work on ‘The Garfield’?

I have been reading the character of Garfield since I was little. When she read the newspaper before going to school, there were four or five pictures of Garfield and a story written on them. Was there a wait until the next day to see what would be written today? I have very good memories of Garfield. I had no idea that growing up he would have the opportunity to be his voice. I am very grateful to Sony Pictures for giving me the opportunity to lend my voice in the Hindi version of the film.

This is your first time dubbing an animated character, how challenging was it?

There are many technical challenges. Dubbing in animation has also been a first experience for me. It took me a day or two to understand how dubbing works. There are some words that change when translated from English to Hindi. His four words become our eight. Or their 10 words end up in only 5 of ours. The balance must be done accordingly. Because the plot has been written according to them.

Has it ever happened to you that you were scolded in your childhood because of ‘Garfield’?

Study is not everything in life. Entertainment is also very important. Garfield used to study first after waking up in the morning and then go straight to school. Balance is very important in life. Aside from Garfield, I have really liked Tom and Jerry from the beginning. But it never happened that I was scolded for that at school or at home.

By the way, your school stories have been very famous, did you use to sell potato parathas that your mother gave you?

I really liked eating in the canteen. My mother used to make potato parathas very well. My school friends loved the parathas made by my mother. She used to sell them parathas for Rs 5 each. With the money she collected she used to buy Chole Bhature and Campa Cola. In this way he was running a very interesting business. But when mom found out, she started giving bread and butter. Which was not accepted at school.

You’ve had an entrepreneurial mindset since you were little, so how did you get the idea to become an actor?

I watched the movie ‘Baazigar’ and when the song ‘Kaali – Kaali Aankhe’ started, I stood on the bed and started dancing. I told my mother that I want to be an actor when I grow up. Mom said – Son, eat your food now, we’ll talk later. Mom postponed the matter at that time, but I always had in mind that she wanted to make me an actor when I grew up. After completing grade 12, when it was time to graduate, my mother asked what to do. I said I just have to act. The whole process started from there. The journey to Mumbai began while I was doing theatre.

When you met Shahrukh Khan, would you have shared the story of ‘Baazigar’ with him?

Yes, of course I did. I was very lucky to get the opportunity to work with Mr. Shahrukh and Mrs. Kajol in ‘Dilwale’. Mr. Abbas-Mustan had directed ‘Baazigar’. I had the opportunity to work with him in the film ‘Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon’. He had told everyone the story of ‘Baazigar’. Everyone was very happy and supported me.

You have also been associated with casting, do you think this makes the path of an actor easier?

A trip is a trip. Nothing is easy. The medium was casting, through which I was able to learn how other actors approach the same scene. What is your point of view on that scene? In this way my learning was very interesting. He helped Nandini Srikanth in casting many films like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Student of the Year, Talaash. She also continued to give her own auditions. When she started working on acting, Nandini said that now she focuses solely on acting.

Today you are in such a position that you inspire people. What kind of problems did you face when you came to Mumbai?

My journey has been one of learning for me. Just as challenges arise in the life of a common man, challenges also arise in my life. But the family has been a great support. In my early days I went to the set of a movie. Where they delivered food to me in a paint box. Then I got a little shock. The events of that time have become legends today.

Now when you look back, what kind of feeling do you have?

I consider myself very lucky and thank God. I had the opportunity to do what I wanted to do since I was little. I have the opportunity to make people laugh through different films and characters. We have stopped making each other laugh in real life.

Do you want to tell us something about your upcoming projects?

Luv Ranjan’s film ‘Wild Wild Punjab’ is about to arrive. The film’s teaser was released in February, but its release date is yet to be finalized. He recently wrapped up the shooting of ‘Sab First Class Hai’. Apart from this, I am doing a film for Maddock Films.

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