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Manoj Dey Net Worth: You might also be surprised to know Manoj Dey’s total net worth till date!

Manoj Dey Net Worth: You might also be surprised to know Manoj Dey’s total net worth till date!


Manoj Dey Net Worth Who doesn’t know social media influencer and YouTuber Manoj Dey today, Manoj Dey is one of the most well-known faces on social media. Manoj Dey shares videos like tips and tricks related to technology on his YouTube channel, which people like a lot. He has 5.3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and is also very popular on other social media accounts.

Manoj Dey is only 27 years old and he has achieved a lot of popularity at this age, today we will talk about him in this article. Manoj Dey Net Worth, Manoj Dey Monthly Income, Manoj Dey Biography You will learn it in detail.

Who is Manoj Deya? Manoj Dey Biography

Manoj Dey’s full name is Manoj Modak. He was born on July 12, 1996 in Jharia village in Jharkhand. He was born in a middle class family, so he had to face many problems since he was little. The financial situation of his family was very bad. His father used to work as a bicycle puncture maker, so his family’s daily income was only Rs 200 to Rs 250. Due to the poor economic situation of his family, he studied in a public school. After this he began to help his father in his work.

Seeing the financial situation of the house, he went to work in a textile factory in Gujarat. After some time, he left his job in Gujarat and returned to the village. After returning to the village, he began teaching children and also worked in a public service center store near his house.

With this, he learned how to make and upload videos on YouTube and make money. After this, she started her own YouTube channel with the name Technical Manoj, in which he used to give information about mobile app tips and tricks.

But it is said that no one achieves success in a day. This channel of yours didn’t work. After this, he started another YouTube channel, Manoj Dey. In this channel, Manoj De provides information to people about YouTube and people also like him a lot. By continuously working with dedication and hard work on this channel, he has achieved 6.3 million subscribers. With this he has joined the ranks of the great YouTubers.

dey hands Biography
Manoj Dey Net Worth Rs. 10 million rupees
Real name Manoj Modak (Dey)
Age 27 years
Education 12
Birth Jharkhand
Profession Youtuber
Monthly income 2-3 lakhs
Father’s name Bheeku Modak
Mother’s name
Civil status Married
Name of wife Jyoti Shree Dey
Manoj Dey Net Worth

Manoj Dey’s Income Sources

Apart from being a YouTuber, Manoj Dey is also a social media influencer. So these big brands make a lot of money doing big deals and sponsorships. Nowadays many people know Manoj Dey on social media and he is also quite popular among people, which is why big companies come to him for their promotions.

In addition to Instagram and YouTube, he is always active on other social networks, the information of which is detailed below.

Manoj Dey’s YouTube Account

Manoj Dey has 6.02 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. In this channel, he helps people by uploading videos related to solving all types of YouTube related problems. People love him a lot on this channel.

Along with this, he also started a new channel called Manoj Dey Vlogs in which he gives people all the reactions related to his life. People also like him a lot on this channel, with this he has achieved a family of 1.29 million subscribers on this channel as well.

Manoj Dey Instagram Account

Because he has 1.4 million followers on Manoj Dey’s Instagram account, he earns thousands of rupees per month from his Instagram account. The company is also willing to pay them a lot of money for their promotion on Instagram.

Manoj Dey Facebook Account

Manoj Dey also earns a lot of money by uploading videos on his Facebook account. He has 960,000 followers on his Facebook account. Here he also uploads videos explaining tips and tricks like YouTube and how to make money online, and here too people really like them.

Manoj Dey Net Worth

After gaining a foothold on all social media accounts, people have a strong desire to know their net worth. According to a report, Manoj’s net worth as of 2023 stood at $1 million, which is equivalent to more than 8 million rupees in Indian rupees.

Manoj Dey House

Manoj Dey inaugurated his new house in early January 2024. His new house has a very luxurious look. He has spent thousands of rupees on this house. Manoj Dey lives in this house with his entire family. He has also shared the video of his new house on his social media.

Manoj Dey Net Worth

Cars Manoj Dey

Apart from having a luxurious house, he also has a very expensive collection of vehicles and cars which includes:


  • apache televisions


Cars Manoj Dey

so here it is Manoj Dey Net Worth We hope you get information related to Manoj Dey Net Worth You must have liked the information related to this and you must have found this information useful. Share the information with your friends and comment us for information related to this.

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