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Exclusive: ‘No matter how much the world praises you, but…’, said 3 invisible actors whose criticism matters. undechi 3 actors surya sharma duro chhaya anchal singh critics trolling on social media

Exclusive: ‘No matter how much the world praises you, but…’, said 3 invisible actors whose criticism matters. undechi 3 actors surya sharma duro chhaya anchal singh critics trolling on social media


Aanchal Singh, Ankur Rakhi and Harsh Chhaya’s ‘Andekhi 3’ has aired.Image Credit Source: Social Media

In the era of social media influence, everyone keeps informing actors on social media about how they should act and how the movie should be. But do actors take seriously this knowledge, criticism and advice received on social networks? Who are the people in their lives whose criticism affects these actors? About this, we recently spoke to the star cast of Sony Liv’s web series ‘Andekhi’. So, let us know which review means the most to Harsh Chhaya, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Ankur Rathi, Varun Badola, Surya Sharma and Aanchal Singh.

Varun Badola

Actually, I am my biggest critic. And my wife Rajshree Sachdev is also an actress. And by the grace of God, we are very rude to each other in this matter. And when family members say that, it is better than standing in the public square and saying what kind of raita they have spread. But this does not mean that no one says anything and I must listen to it, those who describe our work as bad should have information about it. It doesn’t mean that no one should say anything. Today, many of these people are found on social media. But we cannot call it critical.

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Anchal Singh

I like reading fans’ comments. But my critic in my life is my mother. And she always gives correct comments. If she feels good then she says that she is fine, if she feels something bad then she also says it openly.

ankur rathi

There is no one whose words affect me. But I have noticed one thing, what my father likes, becomes a success. A few years ago we were watching a movie. And I was wondering what’s going on, what kind of movie is this. On the other hand, my father was enjoying himself a lot. Then that movie also turned out to be a big hit. Then I realized that my father had more understanding than I did. Since then I have asked him for his opinion. And the comments I receive from them I take seriously.

hard shadow

For me there are two or three people that I have to interact with daily. We have been friends for about 25 years. Two of us are actors, I also write. Apart from them, my wife also takes care of my work and she also keeps track of my work. There are only these 4 or 5 people in my life whose advice I find useful.

Dibyendu Bhattacharya

My wife used to tell me that, now even the children have started to tell me that they like my work. And my mother directly said that she listens, what have you done? Why did you do it like that? The sisters talk too. That is, the family tells you where you are going wrong. This means that no matter how much people praise him, the family still does a very good job of keeping him on the field. But once your work is in the public domain, everyone has the right to judge it, anyone can say anything. There were people like that before too. It was a time when there were no cell phones or social networks, we had gone to have tea. And there was a man sitting at the side table. Sachin Tendulkar I was telling him to hit. However, it was easy to ignore those people then. Now they have reached our homes through social networks. But we cannot allow ourselves to be disturbed by his words.

Surya Sharma

For me, the public is the biggest critic. And I also enjoy listening. Because when I got my diploma in acting, Mr. Barry John had told me that feedback should not be praise, feedback should be such that it makes you understand how you can improve your work. When it comes to criticism on social media, we should learn to ignore it. You have to decide if you bother with all this. Or ignore them.

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