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Dino Morea speaks for the first time about whether John Abraham took away his then-girlfriend Bipasha

Dino Morea speaks for the first time about whether John Abraham took away his then-girlfriend Bipasha


Dino Morea and John Abraham’s journeys from modeling to film have been quite similar. In the early 2000s, John and Dino were considered the most handsome actors. They were the faces of all the tabloids in the country. However, many thought they were rivals and often made headlines for it. Recently, Dino revealed for the first time if John was the reason behind his breakup with Bipasha Basu.

Dino Morea spoke for the first time about his breakup with Bipasha and how John had no connection with it.

In an interview with Siddharth Kannan, Dino Morea spoke about John Abraham and how people thought he was dating his girlfriend, Bipasha. However, this was not the case as Bipasha and Dino had broken up a year before John came into his ex’s life. Dino further added that the media also fueled this, but there was no truth in it. He was quoted as saying:

“We never had any rivalry. We used to talk to each other and have fun with each other. The conversation about rivalry between us started in people’s minds after I broke up with Bipasha and he started dating Bipasha. People started to think that he was dating my girlfriend, then there was a rivalry, the media also fueled this.”

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Dino added that he and Bipasha had broken up much earlier and there was no animosity as he was also in a relationship with someone else. He added that people painted the image in their heads that it was John who took his girlfriend. Dino stated:

“I’m coming clean after years. Bipasha and I broke up and almost a year later they started dating, and I started dating someone else. So why would there be so much animosity? People thought John took my girlfriend away, “But it was like that. Nothing like that. The three of us used to talk but people turned it into something else.”

Not only this, Dino also opened up about his relationship with Bipasha. He added that Bipasha hailed from Kolkata, though he comes from Bengaluru. Dino also revealed that they were introduced by a mutual friend, who had set them up on a blind date. He was quoted as saying:

“She came from Kolkata, I came from Bangalore. A mutual friend introduced us, she set up a blind date. I just found out that a supermodel is coming and I was a supermodel too. We went on a blind date, it was strange, but we started dating shortly after that. It was cool because we were both just starting out.”

Dino also added that they broke up during the filming of their hit movie. Raaz. He said they were more or less over their relationship and it was a difficult time. However, after having worked on another film, crime That was the most difficult phase since it was already over. Cut to the present, Bipasha is happily married to Karan Singh Grover and they also have a daughter, Devi.

What do you think of Dino’s reveal?

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