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Interesting facts about American actor George Clooney’s birthday; Marriages, affairs and Oscars | George Clooney’s 9 love affairs and 2 marriages: Seventh richest actor in the world, but behind Shahrukh; Cara was paralyzed at 14 years old.

Interesting facts about American actor George Clooney’s birthday; Marriages, affairs and Oscars | George Clooney’s 9 love affairs and 2 marriages: Seventh richest actor in the world, but behind Shahrukh; Cara was paralyzed at 14 years old.


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Today is the 63rd birthday of American actor and filmmaker George Clooney. George, who has appeared in some 67 films, has also worked on television shows. He has been active in the world of acting for about 46 years. He has been awarded 2 Oscars and 4 Golden Globe awards.

George remained in the news more for his personal life than his professional life. He was married 2 times and also had 9 affairs. Stories about George’s generosity are also famous in the industry. He gave 5.85 million rupees to each of his 14 friends in 2013.

Talking about George’s net worth, he is the seventh richest actor in the world. However, he is still behind Shahrukh Khan in this race.

Read in 10 stories how George Clooney, who dreamed of being a journalist, became a famous Hollywood actor…

Story 1- The father was a renowned journalist, so he grew up in a strict environment.
George Clooney was born 62 years ago, on May 6, 1961, in the American state of Kentucky. His father Nick Clooney was a TV host and presenter by profession, who also worked for the famous American channel AMC for 5 years. At the same time, George’s mother was a beauty queen.

In this photo little George with his parents and sister.

George’s childhood was not like that of normal children. My father was a famous television presenter. People considered him the most truthful journalist. For this reason, his personal life also remained in the public domain. There was also a risk of privacy being compromised. In such a situation, he kept his two children, including George, away from the limelight and raised them in a strict environment.

Like normal children, George and his sister did not have the freedom to play or wander outside the house. George had said in an interview: Everyone knew us, they talked about us. Even if he won a basketball game, it would also be talked about in the newspapers.

Story 2- Facial paralysis occurred at the age of 14, people used to make fun of him.
George did his studies while staying in Kentucky. When he was 14 years old, he was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy. This is a type of facial paralysis, in which the shape of a person’s face becomes twisted.

This time was full of difficulties for George. That’s why the kids at school always stared at him and made fun of him. Because of this he lacked self-confidence. After 9 months of treatment, he got relief from this disease.

He himself said it in an interview: “This whole time was very strange. Everyone used to just look at me. I thought this would never get better. So my father used to tell me: this will all be okay. You’ll be fine.’

This photo of George is from the time he had facial paralysis.

Story 3- I dreamed of being a journalist after seeing his father, but it didn’t come true.
After finishing school, George wanted to become a professional basketball player. However, his dream remained unfulfilled. After this he followed the path of his father. He completed his studies in Broadcast Journalism at Northern Kentucky University.

However, George could not succeed in the field of journalism like his father. When he started reporting, he realized that he was not cut out for this job. In such a situation, he thought it would be better to leave this profession.

Despite being the son of such an important journalist, George had to fight. After leaving journalism, he did things like selling women’s shoes, door-to-door insurance, working in the construction field, and manufacturing tobacco.

Story 4- He entered the field of acting after seeing his own act.
After working various odd jobs, George began doing theater. Although he used to do this as an amateur, a play made him think that he was born only to become an actor. In fact, George once played the role of a prostitute drug dealer in a play. He got into this character in such a way that everyone sitting in the hall couldn’t help but applaud. This was the first time he became a news headline because of his work.

Seeing people’s response to his performance, George was confident that he could go far as an actor. After this he decided to become an actor.

Story 5: Had nine affairs, first marriage broke up within 3 years, second wife was 17 years younger.
Along with his tremendous performance, George remained in the news of the film industry for his relationship. Apart from 2 marriages, he had relationships with 9 people. Jorn had revealed in an interview that she never wanted to get married. He had said: I will never get married. I don’t even have children. He had very good friends. I was also doing well in my career, but this was what I only thought until I met Amal. After meeting him I realized how incomplete she was.

In 2014, George married British lawyer Amal Alamuddin, 17 years his junior. This was his second marriage. Previously, he had married actress Talia Balsam in 1989. However, their relationship broke up after just 3 years.

George and Amal’s love story is also very interesting, but first let us know which women George had affairs with.

The love story of George and Amal
In October 2013, George met Amal Alamuddin for the first time at her Italian mansion. The two first met through a mutual friend. When Amal arrived at George’s house for the first time, the actor’s agent predicted that she would marry Amal in the near future. George didn’t take it seriously though.

On the day of their first meeting, Amal and George talked all night. During this time, they also shared their email IDs with each other so they could share photos from the night. After a few days of chatting online, the two went to London for their first date. The news of the affair gained momentum after the two were seen together here.

After this both were seen together on many vacations. After a year of dating, they both put an official seal on their relationship. They both got married on September 27, 2014.

Amal Clooney, George’s second wife.

Story 6- Seventh richest actor in the world, but behind Shahrukh Khan
Talking about earnings, George is the seventh richest actor in the world. However, in this matter he is behind Shahrukh Khan, who is the fifth richest actor in the world.

According to celebrity net worth reports, George’s total net worth is Rs 4,169 crore. At the same time, they charge a fee of Rs 166 million for one position.

George has many old and expensive cars. Owns 1993 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Speedster (Rs 66.03 Lakh), 2012 Lexus LS (Rs 56.39 Lakh), Tango T600EV (Rs 1.02 Crore), 1959 Chevrolet Corvette C1 (Rs 1.05 Crore), Tesla 2008 Singer 100 Roadster (Rs 1.18). Crore) ) are such vehicles.

George and Amal have a luxurious mansion in Italy, which is currently worth Rs 816 million. This mansion has 25 rooms, beautiful lawns and gardens, a tennis court, an outdoor swimming pool, a gym, a theater and a huge garage. George keeps his collection of vintage motorcycles in this garage.

Apart from this, the actor also owns a villa worth Rs 17 crore, which is located in Studio City.

Story 7: Brand endorsement worth Rs 284 crore rejected by hon.
In 2017, George was paid $40 million for the Xpresso Coffee advertisement. After this announcement, there was a very good growth in sales of the product.

At the HT Leadership Summit 2022, George revealed that an Iranian airline had offered him a fee of Rs 284 million for an advertising shoot, but the actor refused to accept it. In this regard he had said: My honor means a lot to me. If someone offers you such a huge amount, understand that he wants to convert your black money into white.

George had also discussed this with his wife Amal. He had previously planned to donate the money received from this work on behalf of a charity, but when he checked the company’s background, he discovered that the matter was not right. In such a situation, he considered it right to reject this offer.

Anil Kapoor was also present along with George at this HT Leadership Summit. During this, both the actors also did the hook step of the song ‘Naach Punjaban’.

Story 8- Even after paralysis, George’s face was described as the most beautiful face in the world.
There was a report in 2017 that George’s face was described as the most beautiful face in the world. A British scientist carried out research with the help of computer mapping technology. In that investigation it was discovered that George has the most beautiful face in the world.

George considers American actor Spencer Tracy his idol. Tracy’s specialty was that he never wore makeup in movies. Following in the footsteps of his idol, George never resorted to makeup in movies either. He hasn’t even dyed his hair.

Story 9: He gave 5.85 million rupees to 14 friends in 2013
Stories about George’s generosity are also famous. In 2013 he decided that he would help those friends with whose help he had gotten this position. He had showered each of his 14 friends with 1 million dollars i.e. 5.85 million rupees in a suitcase. He also paid everyone’s tax throughout the year.

He had said: What I have is because of these people, who have been helping me in one way or another for the last 35 years.

Story 10- George won the Oscar twice
George has also received many top honors for his strong acting in films. He received the Oscar Award twice and was nominated 9 times. Apart from this, he also won 4 Golden Globe awards. At the same time he also received 13 nominations. He has also received three Primetime Emmy Award nominations.

Even at this age, George is actively involved in cinema. This year his two films If and Wolfs will be released.

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